New London Chamber Choir & James Wood High Renaissance: Choral Polyphony from the Low CountriesNieuw

High Renaissance: Choral Polyphony from the Low Countries

New London Chamber Choir & James Wood

Verschijnt op 3 mei 2019 bij Saydisc

Hoofdartiest: New London Chamber Choir

Genre: Klassiek

Dit album is vanaf 3 mei 2019 beschikbaar voor streaming (onbeperkt).

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Album : 1 album - 16 tracks Totale duur : 01:19:27

  1. 1 Missa pro defunctis: I. Introit

  2. 2 Missa pro defunctis: II. Kyrie

  3. 3 Missa pro defunctis: III. Sicut cervus, Tract

  4. 4 Missa pro defunctis: IV. Offertory

  5. 5 Missa pro defunctis: V. Sanctus

  6. 6 Missa pro defunctis: VI. Lux aeterna

  7. 7 Missa pro defunctis: VII. Agnus Dei

  8. 8 Missa pro defunctis: O admirabile commercium

  9. 9 Missa pro defunctis: Anthoni usque limina

  10. 10 Missa pro defunctis: Ave regina celorum

  11. 11 Missa pro defunctis: Factor orbis

  12. 12 Missa pro defunctis: Nato canunt omnia

  13. 13 Mass - Hercules Dux Ferrariae: I. Kyrie

  14. 14 Mass - Hercules Dux Ferrariae: II. Gloria

  15. 15 Mass - Hercules Dux Ferrariae: III. Sanctus

  16. 16 Mass - Hercules Dux Ferrariae: La Deploration de Johannes Ockeghem 'Numphes des bois'

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