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Various Artists - Early Soul Treasures (By Digger's Club)

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Early Soul Treasures (By Digger's Club)

Various Artists

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Early Soul Treasures (By Digger's Club)

Various Artists

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Sing on Baby 00:02:29

Jane Baker, Performer - C. Otis, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

I Think I Love You 00:02:20

Helen Troy, Performer - The Sierras, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

Stay 00:02:32

Little Joe & the Thrillers, Performer - M. Williams, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

A Little Bit of Soap 00:02:16

The Jarmels, Performer - B. Russell, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

Mashed Potatoes, Pt. 1 00:01:47

Nat Kendrick, Performer - The Swans, Performer - Rozier, Composer

Digger's Club

Ling, Ting, Tong 00:02:08

The Five Keys, Performer - Mable Godwin, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

Let's Make Love 00:02:26

Anita Tucker, Performer - Howard Biggs, Performer - Ollie Jones, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

Behind the Wheel, Pt. 1 00:02:09

Huey Smith and the Clowns, Performer - Dave Bartholomew, Composer - Huey Smith, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name 00:02:18

Damita Jo, Performer - Young, Composer, Writer - hendricks, Composer, Writer - Otis , Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

You Ain't Movin' Me 00:02:11

Linda Hayes, Performer - Jean Miles, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

Three Girls Names Molly Doin' the Hully Gully 00:02:32

The Johnny Otis Show, Performer - Johnny Otis, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

I Can't Keep from Crying 00:02:22

Marie Knight, Performer - M. Knight, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

If I Had a Talking Picture 00:02:44

Clarence Bad Boy Palmer & The Jive Bombers, Performer - De Sylva , Composer, Writer - Brown, Composer, Writer - Henderson, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

Handy Man 00:02:01

Jimmy Jones, Performer - Blackwell , Composer, Writer - Jones, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

Chikee Wah Wah 00:02:12

Bobby Marchan, Performer - Huey Smith, Composer, Writer

Digger's Club

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