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Doris Day - 30 Essentials of Doris Day

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30 Essentials of Doris Day

Doris Day

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30 Essentials of Doris Day

Doris Day

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Everybody Loves a Lover 00:02:43

Doris Day, Performer - Robert Allen, Composer - Richard Adler, Writer

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Qué Serà, Serà (From "L'homme Qui En Savait Trop") 00:02:06

Doris Day, Performer - J. Livingston, Composer, Writer - R. Evans, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

Choo Choo Train 00:02:24

Doris Day, Performer - J.Lawrence, Composer, Writer - Fontenoy, Composer, Writer

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Gone with the Wind 00:02:49

Doris Day, Performer - Wrubel, Composer, Writer - Steiner, Composer, Writer - Magidson, Composer, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

If I Give My Heart to You 00:02:51

Doris Day, Performer - The Mellomen, Performer - Crane, Composer, Writer - A. Jacobs, Composer, Writer - Brewster, Composer, Writer

1955 - BNF Collection 2014

Day by Day 00:03:24

Doris Day, Performer - Stordahl, Composer - Weston, Composer - Cahn, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

A Purple Cow 00:02:15

Doris Day, Performer - Spielman, Composer, Writer - P.Webster, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

A Very Precious Love 00:03:03

Doris Day, Performer - P. F. WEBSTER, Composer, Writer - Fain S., Composer, Writer - M. Dabadie, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

Anyway the Wind Blows 00:02:24

Doris Day, Performer - Dunham, Composer, Writer - Hooven, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

Autumn Leaves 00:03:03

Doris Day, Performer - Kosma, Composer - Mercer, Writer - prevert, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

Beautiful Music to Love By 00:03:03

Doris Day, Performer - sigman, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

Blues in the Night 00:03:48

Doris Day, Performer - J. Mercer, Composer, Writer - Arlen, Composer, Writer

1959 - BNF Collection 2013

But Beautiful 00:03:23

Doris Day, Performer - Van Heusen, Composer, Writer - Burke , Composer, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

But Not for Me 00:02:37

Doris Day, Performer - George Gershwin, Composer - Ira Gershwin, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

Don't Take Your Love from Me 00:03:24

Doris Day, Performer - Nemo, Composer, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

Hello, My Lover, Goodbye 00:03:38

Doris Day, Performer - Green, Composer, Writer - Heyman, Composer, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

I Hadn't Anyone Till You 00:03:04

Doris Day, Performer - Noble, Composer, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

I Remember You 00:04:02

Doris Day, Performer - Mercer, Composer, Writer - Schertzinger, Composer, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

I'm Gonna Ring the Bell Tonight (From "April in Paris") 00:02:26

Doris Day, Performer - The Norman Luboff Choir, Performer - Paul Weston And His Orchestra, Performer - Cahn, Composer, Writer - Duke, Composer, Writer

1953 - BNF Collection 2014

Instant Love 00:02:17

Doris Day, Performer - M. Drake, Composer, Writer - Spielman, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

Julie (From "Diabolique Mr. Benton") 00:02:13

Doris Day, Performer - Adair, Composer, Writer - Stevens, Composer, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

Kissin'my Honey 00:02:15

Doris Day, Performer - J. Lubin, Composer, Writer - G. Wyle, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

Let It Ring 00:02:59

Doris Day, Performer - Paul Weston And His Orchestra, Performer - Duddy, Composer - Edwards, Writer

1956 - BNF Collection 2014

Love's Little Island 00:02:42

Doris Day, Performer - B.Merill, Composer, Writer

1956 - BNF Collection 2014

Pillow Talk 00:02:11

Doris Day, Performer - B. Pepper, Composer, Writer - I. James, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

Please Don't Eat the Daisies (From "Ne Mangez Pas Les Marguerites") 00:02:19

Doris Day, Performer - Lubin , Composer, Writer

1960 - BNF Collection 2014

Possess Me 00:02:19

Doris Day, Performer - J. Lubin, Composer, Writer - I. J. Roth, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

Ready, Willing and Able 00:02:25

Doris Day, Performer - Rinker, Composer, Writer - Huddleston, Composer, Writer - D. Gleason, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

Ricket-Rackety Rendezvous 00:01:39

Doris Day, Performer - Frank Devol et son orchestre, Performer - Lubin , Composer, Writer

1958 - BNF Collection 2014

Roly Poly 00:02:14

Doris Day, Performer - E. Doran, Composer, Writer - S. Lake, Composer, Writer

Believe Digital

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