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Tzvi Erez

Tzvi Erez is active as a pianist and producer, most notably as the founder of the Niv Classical label, where his recordings have been released since 2000. He is also an educator and researcher and has expanded his scope into other musical genres, including film and television. Erez was born in Israel in 1967. After starting piano lessons at six, he moved to Canada as a teen and began attending Toronto's Royal Conservatory of Music. He studied there with Mildred Kenton, Andrew Burashko, and Antonin Kubalek. While at school, he was involved in several recording projects as a pianist and producer. In 1986, Erez's playing was heard in the documentary The Twice Promised Land. After graduating, he worked for Sony Music in distribution and production. In 2000, Erez founded the Niv Classical label and issued Beethoven: Piano Works, performed on his personal 1912 Bösendorfer piano. He followed that up with Tzvi Erez plays Chopin in 2003, and since then, he has issued more than 40 recordings on that label. Erez, inspired by sound production available on DVD, has also developed an interest in immersive sound production, and his online performance videos have found a significant following. His classical piano repertoire extends from the Baroque into the 20th century, with the works of Chopin and Beethoven being a focus of his recorded output. He has also found success arranging and performing music for film and television. In 2023, he issued a recording of Bach's Inventions and Sinfonias.
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