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Releasing his first original song at age 62, Peter Manaena has committed to many more new releases.

Living in Tasmania, a small island on the southern tip of Australia which he fondly calls 'the arts end of the world', is no deterrent. With technology and social platforms, he says the opportunities for sharing his creations are endless.

Manaena started playing drums as a kid and by 13 years of age was sneaking into New Zealand pubs to watch local rock bands playing covers by the likes of David Bowie and Alice Cooper.

At 15, band members pulled him onto the stage to play drums in one of their songs. They wanted to give him a chance to experience the thrill of playing live to an audience. Needless to say, he loved it.

But it wasn't just playing drums that gave Manaena a buzz, there was excitement in being part of the group, and the strong sense of belonging that comes with finding your tribe, He needed no more convincing.

Drumming will continue to be his first love but he's always had a secret passion for writing, recording, and producing his own original songs.

Nowadays, he has a home studio where everything is at his fingertips.

Manaena's also a late bloomer on the bass and acoustic guitar and he says he plays keyboard like a one-finger typist. It's a good thing that doesn't stop him!

Manaena's collaborators say he's got incredible talent at orchestrating songs and creating moods and feel (the way he brings it all together is an art form). They say he's visionary, an architect, and a dynamo rolled into one person.

Taking inspiration from Aussie rock bands like Midnight Oil, Manaena loves songs with compelling stories of real-world issues rather than the cliche of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll!

"I'm all about stepping into my courage zone", says Manaena. "For many years I avoided controversy, so played it safe by staying in the background.

But, if I want this world to be a better place for future generations, I need to share my message. If I want to make a change, then I need to stop being silent. If I want to encourage others to do the same, then I need to lead by example.

I'm not leaving this world without making my mark, and given I'm 62, I'm intending to get out there hard and fast."

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