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Katharina Boger

Singer Katharina Boger is Kazakhstan-born/L.A.-based performer with a sound that straddles contemporary pop and sultry R&B. Drawing up artists like Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Bruno Mars, she debuted in 2017 with her Bad Girl EP, followed by 2019's Angels & Devils EP and singles like 2022's "Breaking Rules." Born in Ksyl-Orda, Kazakhstan, Boger moved to Leipzig, Germany at a young age where her family spoke Russian and German. Growing up, she was always interested in performing and participated in choir and taught herself to play piano by ear. However, it was not until after graduating from university that she decided to pursue music full-time, attending Germany's Johann Sebastian Bach School of Music, where she formally learned piano and started writing her own songs. She eventually traveled to London to record and in 2017 released her first EP, Bad Girl. Soon after, she relocated full-time to Los Angeles where she began collaborating with producer/songwriter Nicholas J. Turpin. Her second EP, Angels & Devils, arrived in 2019, followed by the singles "Breathe, "Have It," and "Want Me Back." A further single, "Breaking Rules," appeared in 2022.
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