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Marianne Faithfull: "I don't idolise the sixties!"

By Marc Zisman |

Marianne Faithfull welcomed us to her home in Paris to discuss her new album, her writing, the sixties and a world that is becoming increasingly right-wing.

Marianne Faithfull already boasts a deep repertoire from the last century and her unique and sublime voice is recognisable in just a few syllables. Time has only made her explorations of life and death all the more fascinating. She, who is often reduced to an old muse of The Rolling Stones by the ill-informed, gives us some more insights with a brilliant 21st album.

With Negative Capability queen Marianne has signed off on quite a folky album, nicely mixing her past with the present. This melancholic record is a puzzle which she puts together for us. She revisits As Tears Go By which Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Andrew Loog Oldham offered her in 1964. She also performs a duet with Nick Cave and takes the subject of death by the scruff of the neck on They Come at Night, a dark blues tune co written with Mark Lanegan about the Bataclan attack.

At 71 years of age and despite some health problems, Marianne Faithfull remains an important and unique singer. This great voice welcomed Qobuz to her parisien residence to discuss her new record and to share some thoughts about her past; and her present.


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