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Sounds Australia at the Great Escape

By Jessica Porter-Langson |

For the first time in what feels like centuries, the team at Sounds Australia flew a handful of Australia’s finest across the world to showcase their talent at The Great Escape festival in Brighton. From fan favourites like Stella Donnelly, Grace Cummings and Alex the Astronaut, to up and comers Telenova, The Vanns, Little Quirks and more, people flocked to the beach to take a listen to what’s been brewing on the other side of the world all this time.

Sycco - Brisbane
At the ripe age of just 20 years old, it is so exciting to see such young, vibrant talent already playing at an international level. Sycco took the stage with her band at The Arch in Brighton, to a full crowd who were ready to see what the young Aussie had to offer. And Sycco did not disappoint. Confidence oozed from Sasha (Sycco) as she blazed through her set, even debuting an unreleased track Bad World, that, according to someone at her Amsterdam show, is considered a certified ‘banger’, and we agree. The set finished with a personal favourite, Dribble, which is the song that saw Sasha nominated for the Triple J Unearthed Artist of the Year in 2020 at just 18 years old. The crowd was dancing, the band were enjoying themselves, and all around it was a successful show for Sycco. Can’t wait to see where the world takes her next.

Stella Donnelly - Perth

The turnout for Stella Donnelly at Chalk was enormous. The crowd was so big in fact that this journalist struggled to get to the front for a picture, which is exactly what we love to see for our Aussie artists. Stella has that ‘happy go lucky’ Australian attitude that is just contagious, and the crowd were loving it. She played her recently released track Lungs, as well as some tracks from her upcoming second album Flood, set to be released on August 26th. The set included a call and response moment from a very responsive crowd, as well as a dance routine and even some on-stage acrobatics! Stella’s music is speckled with that classic surf-rock sound, coupled with wholesome and unique lyrics, that, when supported by her beautiful Aussie twang, make her and her music just that much more loveable.

The VANNS - Illawarra

Described as, “four mates playing their instruments loud & live”, The VANNS are the perfect example of where modern Aussie rock and roll is heading. Their catchy riffs and innate ability to tell a story through their music is what makes this band from NSW so popular, having sold out gigs across Australia, and now absolutely packing out The Beach stage at The Great Escape in Brighton. Playing songs from their hugely successful debut album Through the Wall, as well as their last release Feel Good Now, the band just radiated the absolute joy they feel playing together, and you could feel that energy all the way outside the tent where the crowd were literally overflowing to take a listen to one of Australia’s finest rock exports.

Azure Ryder - Sydney

This rising star from Sydney gets her energy and inspiration from the power of the earth, the sky, the stars and the moon, which can be felt, not just through her music, but in her presence. Azure’s spirit can be felt from the stage as her rich vocals tell a story over catchy pop instrumentals. Walking the line of pop and folk, Azure performed tracks from her recent EP Ladder to the Moon to a crowd that couldn’t help but dance. Her pure energy on stage is infectious and it seems that the sky is the limit for Azure as she breaks through genre boundaries to deliver something truly unique. I have no doubt that you Azure will be the next big Australian pop icon.

After Australia has been so incredibly isolated from the rest of the world for so long, even more so than usual, it is heartwarming to see how much the rest of the world just loves Aussie talent. This is just the beginning of a very exciting journey for many of these artists and there is no better time to show them your support by streaming, downloading, buying vinyl and merch or even just seeing them live!