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Sex Swing

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Psychedelic noise-rock supergroup Sex Swing combine traditional elements of noise with mutated organ and saxophone to produce something altogether unique. The group formed in 2014, with every member having previously been in various noise acts. The full lineup consists of Dan Chandler (Dethscalator) on vocals, Stuart Bell (Dethscalator, Gin Palace) on drums, Jason Stoll (Mugstar, Bonnacons of Doom) on guitar, Tim Cedar (Part Chimp, Ligament) on the organ, and Colin Webster (Dead Neanderthals) on saxophone. Their first release was a split 7" with Clinic, to which they contributed the single "Night-Time Worker." In mid-2016, the band signed to the Quietus' record label to release their debut self-titled album, hiring another guitarist in Jodie Cox (Earth) along the way. Their debut furthered their reputation for dark, weirdly psychedelic noise, aided by the production skills of Joel Eaton.
© Liam Martin /TiVo
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