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Pedro Infante

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A film and music idol, one of the most popular Mexican actors of his time, Pedro Infante was born in the bosom of a modest Mexican family, learning basic music knowledge from his father, musician Delfino Infante García, and inspiring loving care from his mother, Refugio Cruz. Infante assembled a minor orchestra called la Rabia, touring the nightclub circuit before joining a major group known as Orquesta Estrella de Culiacan. Nevertheless, he moved to Mexico City in 1939 to pursue a solo career, singing at small venues around the city and having the opportunity to join a local radio station show after meeting José Luis Ugalde. Pedro Infante's first record was released in December 1943. Nominated as Best Actor for his roles in the 1947 movie Cuando Lloran los Valientes and 1948's Los Tres Huastecos, he finally achieved the honor in 1956 when the Mexican Academy awarded him for La Vida No Vale Nada. Surprisingly, one of his first movies, titled Cuando Habla el Corazón, directed by Juan José Segura in 1943, had failed to captivate audiences and its showing lasted just one week. Pedro Infante, better known as the King of Mexican Bolero and the Idol from Guamuchil, died tragically in a plane crash on April 15, 1957.
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