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Paquita La Del Barrio

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Paquita la del Barrio (born Francisca Viveros Barradas) became a celebrity after she decided to move from her native Veracruz to Mexico City in 1970. Her live performance, mainly based on feminist songs with lyrics that are aggressive toward macho attitudes, seduced followers from all around the country. Even when her first records didn't achieve a top-selling status, Paquita la del Barrio became one of the most interesting local personalities. She eventually did reach the charts and spent the next four decades developing an audience not only across Mexico--her country embraced her tough attitude with enthusiasm--but also much of South and Central America and in Spain. Her 2015 album No Hay Mujeres Feas (trans. There Are No Ugly Women)--her 33rd--reached number 14 on the Top Latin albums chart early the following year.
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