Shura? Don't you mean Madonna?

A new queen of pop is hot on the heels of the legendary star

By Barry Moore | Video of the Day | July 17, 2016

Pure proper pop, sprinkled with gold dust. With the release of her first album, Nothing's Real, Aleksandra Lilah Yakunina-Denton aka Shura isn't reinventing the wheel, she's taking it for a spin, creating a real gem of a record that emulates - but never copies - the original pop queen herself: Madonna. This 25 year old star from Manchester who - of course - found fame on YouTube, can write catchy tunes just as well as she can keep an online diary to reach out to her fanbase.

But above all else, Shura knows how to balance old school pop with her own generation's. What's amazing is that even in such a supposedly predictable and formatted genre, Nothing's Real is a breath of fresh air, and a real pleasure to listen to.

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