The Nakhane phenomenon

The Xhosa singer who blurs styles and makes heads turn...

By Abigail Church | Video of the Day | December 22, 2017

Even if the name Nakhane Touré has only been murmured around here for a short while, the charismatic lad has been artistically active for a few years already. And not only with a mic in his hand!

This South African 29-year-old has already released a first album in 2013 (Brave Confusion), but he also wrote a novel (Piggy Boy’s Blues written in 2016) and acted in a movie (John Trengove’s The Wound, released in 2017). Above all, Nakhane is further proof of the richness of the South African scene that constantly amazes. And yet, he is special. Somewhere else, even.

And his artistic eclecticism can also be heard in his music, just like in Clairvoyant, a rather kaleidoscopic EP. By blending pop, electro and world music, that he adorns with a haunting androgyny, he alternates between grandiloquent ballads (Sweet Thing and Hey, Lover) and bouncing world-electro pop (Clairvoyant). We can’t wait for what’s coming next!

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