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Nothing too trashy

Connan Mockasin could very well have a PhD in the exploration of intense sensuality.

By Clara Bismuth | Video of the Day | October 23, 2018

With his weird retro look, he defies all the genre’s conventions and questions the perceptions of awareness and the body in his third album, Jassbuster. He is accompanied by a band for the first time with whom he recorded the album in Studio Ferber, in Paris, in 2016. It took Connan Mockasin two years to unveil this lust-filled album because Jassbuster is also the original soundtrack for his five-part movie: Bostyn n’Dobsyn. His two previous albums, Forever Dolphin Love and Caramel, had already painted the New Zealander’s romantic, fantastic and psychedelic universe. But this time, Connan is at his peak! This album creates a platform for languid dancing to tasty guitar riffs and elastic reverbs. The lyrics are a sort of disjointed poetry, but the main focus of this neurotic creation is still its melodic lines.

Creating a vibe, generating atmospheres, Connan Mockasin explores every corner of the brain to paint as many pictures as possible. The album is a proper soundtrack for an old-school film oversaturated with coloured filters. The characters love and leave each other and time seems to come to a halt. On Charlotte’s Thong, the electric guitar’s groove generates heat and desire, but nothing too trashy or phallic. No, no, Jassbuster is an album which is all about foreplay and waiting. Always flirting but never taking action, because ultimately that is the most satisfying part. Then, on the second track (Momo’s), James Blake’s airy and light voice takes over. Between major and minor progressions the music fluctuates from completely letting loose to more stiffened sections, riffs come gently one after another and Connan seems to particularly enjoy his role play. The music video for Con Conn Was Impatient also gives more meaning to the album. Crooked wigs, fades reminiscent of 80s TV films, humour and fake cheesiness are all at the heart of Jassbuster.


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