JMJ, an accompanied voyage...

A flamboyant comeback for the master of techno...

Door Barry Moore | Video van de dag | 21 oktober 2015

When the Godfather makes an offer, it can be difficult to refuse… This is a bit like what Jean-Michel Jarre has done with the release of Electronica - 1: The Time Machine. The supporting cast assembled by the great French guru of electronic music, for his 18th album, no less, is impressive. Stylistically and generationally, Jarre has set the bar high by inviting a smorgasbord of electronic artists as diverse as M83, Air, Moby, Pete Townshend of The Who, 3D of Massive Attack, Vince Clarke of Erasure, Boys Noize, Gesaffelstein, Tangerine Dream, Laurie Anderson, Armin van Buuren, the filmmaker John Carpenter, and even the classical pianist Lang Lang. Gathering such a wide-ranging cast together could have been risky, and could even be read as a bluff on the part of Jarre. But JMJ’s Electronica - 1: The Time Machine is a fully coherent work with a real homogeneity. Each guest brings their own personal touch with them, but Jarre remains in charge. When the record hits home, returning to earth, one has the feeling of having undergone a fascinating techno journey, crafted by a musician more inspired than ever

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