Cyrille Aimée, a French gipsy jazz singer !

Cyrille Aimée isn’t the only French jazz singer to have conquered New York, but she is a genuinely talented interpreter capable of touching anyone who lends an ear to her music.

Door Clara Bismuth | Video van de dag | 7 augustus 2018

The young woman has spent her entire life immersed in music, slipping away as a child to meet up with gipsies and sing. Regardless of where her sounds or influences come from, Aimée is simply capable of absorbing anything that can feed into her singing. Unbeatable on the history of New Orleans jazz, American pop music, gypsy rhythms and French classics, she wanders through sublime onomatopoeia in this live album recorded at New York Poisson Rouge in August 2017.

Released on the Mack Avenue label, Aimée opens with the great Peggy Lee’s It’s a Good Day, accompanied by a guitar reminiscent of Django Reinhardt. Surrounded with guitarists Adrien Moignard and Michaël Valeanu, bassist Dylan Shamat and drummer Dani Danor, Cyrille Aimée effortlessly hypnotises her audience, who don’t refrain from applauding and showing their enthusiasm!

She mixes jazz standards, turns to Sidney Bechet’s French ballad Si tu vois ma mère, and even dares attempt a Michael Jackson medley with Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'. Nothing can resist her golden voice, slightly nasal, a tad childlike, but overflowing with emotions, capable of embarking on improvisations that could last until dawn.


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