Back from the brink of death

Nearly 15 years after some life-threatening medical incidents left his future in question, Edwyn Collins has still got life in him yet.

Door Max Dembo | Video van de dag | 19 april 2019

In February 2005, Edwyn Collins, 46, had two brain hemorrhages and was on the verge of death. Five years after being resurrected, the Scot miraculously went back to recording music, although he remains seriously affected by his injuries (he is still unable to play the guitar). Collins was the former leader of the quirky 80’s cult group Orange Juice which was somewhere between Chic and Velvet Underground and has influenced countless other groups, particularly Franz Ferdinand and The Drums. Now, listening to Edwyn Collins sing in 2019 with a slightly shaky voice but a fine one nonetheless, almost brings a lump to your throat.

In his 9th solo album, Badbea, Collins does what he loves best and rarely did his previous albums take us on so many stylistic roller coasters. Each of his songs have catchy choruses and in their best moments he shows off his intense, crooner voice. He has managed to turn his handicap into an asset and when it comes to really giving it his all, the power in his voice is unbelievable (Tensions Rising). In short, the album is just as direct as its cover; Collins is completely himself with nothing to hide, his right hand clenched and his left hand firmly holding on to his walking stick.


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