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Patrice Rushen - Forget Her Not

A new compilation that focuses on the 78-86 period of this oft-forgotten groove icon...

By Marc Zisman | Video of the Day | July 19, 2019

It was an inspired decision to shine a light on the endearing but often neglected star of late 70s/early 80s smooth jazz and soul music that is Patrice Rushen. She released her debut jazz album at just 20 years old, before quickly transitioning to a funkier disco sound. Beginning to fall into oblivion, it was the continuous sampling of her songs from rappers like Mobb Deep, Junior M.A.F.I.A., Slum Village, Mary J. Blige, Organized Konfusion and most notably Will Smith (who sampled Forget Me Nots for the Men In Black soundtrack) that breathed new life into her career.

A gifted pianist and an expert composer, Rushen signed to the Prestige label at a very young (Prelusion in 1974, Before the Dawn in 1975 and Shout It Out in 1976), before later joining Asylum/Elektra four years later. It is this period (1974 – 1984) that has been compiled here by the British label. “The idea was to create music that was good for commercial radio/R&B,” the Californian explains. “We were all making sophisticated dance music, essentially”.

The album is full of top-tier funky soul, played by the some of the biggest and best names working in music today. “L.A. musicians were not so locked into tradition. None of us were accustomed to limitation and the record label left us to take our own direction”.

Remind Me (The Classic Elektra Recordings 1978-1984) is a perfect collection of beautiful ballads (Settle For My Love), dancefloor anthems (Never Gonna Give You Up), groovy tunes with heavy basslines (Music Of The Earth, Let’s Sing A Song Of Love) and disco (Haven’t You Heard). Enough to remind you that this legend of soul and disco is deserving of an artistic renaissance.


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