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Olivia Chaney, folk pop full of grace

A graduate from England’s Royal Academy of Music and a seasoned singer, pianist Olivia Chaney had already received rave reviews with her 2015 first album The Longest River.

By Clara Bismuth | Video of the Day | July 5, 2018

Keen to explore various musical genres, the Florence-born British artist decided to focus on a folk pop that is both traditional and modern. Her second album Shelter is the stunning result of these influences, blended with Chaney’s incredible talent.

She worked together with Thomas Bartlett, who is also the producer behind this true gem. Her heavenly voice sings a gentle and melancholic pop music with a very personal and poetic approach. A piano accompaniment and a few strings creeping in between the silences are all that’s needed to sublimate this almost lyrical song. A masterpiece composed by Purcell around 1684, O Solitude, literally falls within the lyrical song genre: her vocals lose themselves among intense and perfectly mastered harmonies, switching between major and minor tones in just one note, seamlessly.

Olivia Chaney showers her listeners with wondrous and vivid ballads like House on a Hill, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn or Dragonfly, allowing them to simply lose themselves throughout the piece.


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