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WHAT HI*FI? Awards 2016

A quick look at the multi-room audio systems awarded prizes by the English magazine this year.

By Barry Moore | News | October 20, 2016

As the year draws to a close, the guys over at English magazine What Hi-Fi? have been deciding which products should be awarded prizes in 2016 across a range of categories: equipment, high fidelity, multi-room systems, video, television...

We were delighted to discover that receiving first place in the multi-room system category were 2 Bluesound connected devices (network player, amplifiers and speakers...), as the Hi-Res Qobuz app is integrated into these devices. At the start of the year, we even awarded a Qobuzism to the Node 2 network player.

It’s worth highlighting that the Node 2 also took the prestigious title of European Network Player of the Year 2016-2017, awarded by specialist journalists from the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association).

Sonos produced a strong showing as always, as proved by the precursor to networked multi-room systems and the first brand to have integrated the Qobuz app seeing its range awarded second place in “Best Buys” (under £500) by What Hi-Fi? Magazine. Even though we still don’t know whether the American brand will one day surrender to the call of Hi-Res, its connected network players, amplifiers and speakers are always in the running!

A big well done from Qobuz to these two prize winners!

As for DACs, and still in the under-£500 category, it was the Chord Mojo which was voted the best DAC of the year. We also tested it but were not quite as enamoured as our English colleagues...

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