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Boulez, bit by bit

A major figure in twentieth century music has died...

By Barry Moore | Video of the Day | January 8, 2016

More than just a simple composer or conductor, Pierre Boulez, who has taken his leave from this world at the age of 90 years old, has become an institution in and of himself. A genre? A myth? A man who was at the very heart of the furious back-and-forth between for and against, and who led such a life that saw him cross paths with names as evocative as the Compagnie Renaud-Barrault, of the Domaine Musical. His concerts were mythical, drawing from all of the most influential contemporary composers (Cage, Stockhausen, Berio, Maderna, Nono, Pousseur)... Here's a small video homage to Boulez the composer (Répons), le Boulez the conductor (Le Sacre du Printemps de Stravinsky) and Boulez pedagogue (master-class).

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