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A Bluegrass Orgy

The Earls of Leicester, worthy heirs to the Foggy Mountain Boys of Flatt & Scruggs...

By Barry Moore | Video of the Day | August 12, 2016

The Earls of Leicester are a celebration of one of the most innovative tandems in the history of country and bluegrass music: guitarist Lester Flatt and banjo player Earl Scruggs. But this gang of experts who formed in Nashville in 2013 and play the dobro, banjo, guitar and mandolin aren't satisfied with copying and pasting the classics from the 40s and 50s. Oh no. Theirs is a much more contemporary sound, much more like 2016 than 1956, even when they're covering the greats. Indeed, throughout Rattle & Roar, their second album, released in July, the virtuoso dobro player Jerry Douglas and his men always keep an eye on the past. To make the whole thing even more retro and real, they recorded the songs all together around a microphone, just like back in the day. Bluegrass fans will have an absolute ball with this record as a result. For the uninitiated, Rattle & Roar could provide them with a long-needed baptism of fire ...

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