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Tyler Childers, the sound of the Appalachian Mountains

A young songwriter produced by Sturgill Simpsons...

By Abigail Church | Video of the Day | January 17, 2018

There's nothing better for boosting Tyler Childer's career than working with the excellent producer Sturgill Simpson. The latter has taken the wheel for the third album from this young country lad from Kentucky who learnt to sing in the church pews and repetedly listened to the albums by Drive-By Truckers...

With his wonderful gravelly voice, Childers releases here an impeccable bluegrass and country record. It's a fairly energetic score with few surprises though one that remains very convincing in it's approach to the daily lives of those who have known rejection. Tyler Childers filters all this folk and rock, never losing sight of the Appalachian Mountains, to strike the perfect balance between the modern and the traditional. A young buck to follow closely.

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