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“Fuck the planet. Screw your children. Get Rich! You win!” (Prosperity Gospel).

By Charlotte Saintoin | Video of the Day | October 7, 2018

The message is clear. As planned for 2018, Mudhoney has released another album. The year started off with a live album called LiE that captured the sweatiness of their European tour. It has been five years since the old geezers, who have been together for thirty years, released anything. Now in their fifties, they return to spit out some more of their cold punk music. Cool, stinky and brilliantly unique. The album starts out with some raw feedback and Mark Arm’s drunken voice on Nerve Attack. On the track Next Mass Extinction the group introduce a harmonica for a pub-rock atmosphere and on Hey Neanderfuck we get some lovely dirty guitar sounds. Digital Garbage, Mudhoney’s tenth album, features contemporary, mature grunge music that plays on the inexhaustible and endlessly caricatured theme that is Trump’s America. Very nice indeed.


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