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Space Clouds

Following his very personal and introspective 2017 album Stranger, on which he opened up about his overdose and his time spent in a psychiatric ward, Yung Lean is back with his third mixtape Poison Ivy.

By Euan Decourt | Video of the Day | November 7, 2018

On this 8-track record Lean shows us that he is still developing his own sound and that he has moved towards more Pop-Trap influences, putting his own melancholy spin on the genre. Despite this move towards a more Trap style Poison Ivy is still heavily rooted in Cloud Rap, as we can hear through the Lo-Fi production of the record. Produced by Whitearmor, a regular collaborator with Lean, the album is filled from start to finish with dreamy production which threatens to send you into a daze. The opening track, happy feet, could easily be mistaken for the theme tune to the Minecraft video game before Lean comes in with his bars. The playful production and Lean’s melancholy and hazy voice give the album a surreal feel, the track trashy being one of the best examples of this, along with a certain weightlessness which conjures up space-like imagery. There is something enchanting about this release from the young Swede.


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