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Ron Gallo at a gallop

Made in a garage, invigorating and enjoyable, a first album "made in Nashville."

By Marc Zisman | Video of the Day | February 8, 2017

While it tends to be home to Americana and alternative country acts, the New West Records stable has ponied up the cash to sign 100 new rock 'n roll acts. One of these is Ron Gallo, something of a dark horse who, after living the life of a starving musician in Toy Soldiers, an obscure band from his hometown of Philly, launched a solo career. From Nashville, where he has since put down roots, Gallo has rekindled the flames of nervy, no-frills garage rock with a honkytonk edge. Backed by his bassist, Joe Bisirri, and his drummer, Dylan Sevey, he has had audiences pricking up their ears despite a musical style that people thought of as flogging a dead horse. Heavy Meta is full of musical horseplay - simple, fun choruses that instantly get under your skin, but with a healthy dose of humour that's reflected in the song titles (Why Do You Have Kids?, Young Lady You're Scaring Me, Put the Kids to Bed, Can't Stand You, All the Punks are Domesticated). Listening to this album just once will have you shouting "Go, Gallo! Go!" until you're hoarse.

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