Little Simz: Taking it up a Notch

Along several big-name collaborators, Little Simz reaches new heights with her third studio album

By Charlotte Saintoin | Video of the Day | March 18, 2019

Grey Area is, as usual, released on Simz’ own label. The cover reminds one of a Harcourt studio photograph. It is Little Simz’s third album and with this release the artist reaches a whole new artistic level since the release of A Curious Tale of Trials and Persons, in which the 21-year old London native also encourages women to take control. On Women can be Kings Simbi Ajikawo collaborated with Lauryn Hill and Kendrick Lamar. She has also been one of the opening acts for Gorillaz. As she gained musical confidence she became one of the most innovative rap artists of the time. Between the instrumental productions of Inflo, the jazz influenced tune Flowers, the dreamlike beats and keyboard trickery of 101 FM, or the lyrical opulence (with strings, piano and flutes) of Offence, Simz opened the doors of her studio to many artists : A jaunty reggae with Chronixx (Wounds), an appearance of Little Dragon on Pressure, R&B revelation Cleo Sol appears for the suave chorus of Selfish and Michael Kiwanuka adds his magic on Flowers. The album’s impressive artists’ appearance as well as its sophisticated compositions are working as counterpoint to Lil Simz’s rough yet precise flow. The album is both luxurious and accessible. A true masterpiece! © Charlotte Saintoin/Qobuz


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