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Liam goes solo

The first solo album from the younger of the two Gallagher brothers...

By Abigail Church | Video of the Day | October 11, 2017

With such a unique voice that’s recognizable from the first syllable, it’s impossible to listen to a Liam Gallagher song without Oasis coming to mind. And this first proper solo album from the younger of the two most famous British squabbling siblings is clearly no exception to the rule…

After a short fling with Beady Eye which gave the world two more than honest albums, Liam Gallagher has now published the first album under his own name. And since there’s no risk of him changing his ways at the age of 45, we find here all the sixties obsessions that nourished the music of his illustrious group that he created with his equally illustrious brother. Apart from here the pen isn’t in Noel’s hand, but Liam’s! And it’s clear that his songs not only shape up nicely but also have a certain panache! As You Were is teeming with potential hits, as they are often relieved of potentially superfluous arrangements or illuminations. A vitality perhaps linked to him crawling back out of his hole with the end of Oasis, the failure of his Beady Eye records and above all his divorce that sent him packing. A nice comeback as it were.

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