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Classy Copy Cat

The fact that he knows how to sing almost everything is no big surprise to anyone.

By Max Dembo | Video of the Day | January 11, 2019

It’s often when he cover's another artists' material that Jamie Cullum shines the most. In the great tradition of the great voices of jazz history, the Brit has put together a fairly eclectic repertoire of songs ranging from Mariah Carey to Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber, Lauryn Hill and The Weeknd!

“I love learning other people’s songs”, Cullum stated. “It teaches me a lot about writing, which is a big source of inspiration especially when I’m working on a new album, which is exactly what I’m doing at the minute. I strongly believe in the title of writer Austin Kleon’s book: “Voler comme un artiste”. Besides, I often find my best ideas when I’m in someone else’s shoes.” The interest of this collection of covers also comes from the rather clean and sober packaging made by Jamie Cullum himself. No shiny production or sound effects, no, just the deep, elastic voice of a master of groove and swing who is just as in touch with tradition as he is with his own time.


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