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The Limiñanas, garage in their veins

When the Perpignan duo shake up planet rock...

Door Abigail Church | Video van de dag | 29 januari 2018

We’ve been saying it for years. It’s high time that we celebrated The Limiñanas’ huge talent. The excellent garage and psychedelic made in Perpignan duo are signed with the no less excellent label Trouble In Mind from Chicago. Armored with beautifully muddy guitars and vintage organs, their sixties tainted rock ’n’ roll takes on a new dimension on Shadow People.

Produced in Berlin with Anton Newcombe, it’s in the studio of the founder of Brian Jonestown Massacre that Marie and Lionel conceived this new viscerally rock ’n’ roll jukebox. A huge project that welcomes Newcombe (obviously) as well as Emmanuelle Seigner, Bertrand Belin (the lunatic on Dimanche) and Peter Hook (the ex-bassist of New Order).

This time round, The Limiñanas are less caustic and percussive and more dreamy and above all psychedelic. In this cyclone of swirling guitars, the tandem and their accomplices orchestrate an electric symphony on which Lionel’s talking voice is not far from Lou Reed’s… On Trois bancs, the Perpignan duo sign their own Venus In Furs, and on Istanbul Is Sleepy, one would think that we were hearing the riff from Waiting For My Man in its end stage. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: The Limiñanas are great!

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