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Music is back
In high definition. Unlimited.

Qobuz is the world's first high-definition music service.
Our streaming subscriptions give you access to all kinds of music.
Your high-definition music will go with you everywhere. Even when you're offline.

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We have human music experts
as well as algorithms.

Qobuz has all the latest music news, daily and weekly.
Interviews, videos, articles, photos – a rich array of exclusive content awaits you.
Our music experts are always there, helping you to discover a vast world of new and wonderful music.

Our fantastic applications
are with you wherever you go

Your music collection is always with you: smartphones, tablets, computers.
Enjoy splendid sound at home too on Sonos systems, smart TVs, XMBC etc.

You are what you listen to
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Qobuz subscriptions:
all of the world's music!

On Qobuz, our rich array of catalogues are clearly indexed and structured. We help you make the most of your subscription by giving you
access to exclusive enriched media. Choose your subscription: Qobuz Premium or Qobuz Hi-Fi in True CD Quality.
With access to increasingly more exclusive catalogues than other platforms.

With the Best Online Music Service.
Audiophiles now have plenty more to celebrate about

High quality is our mantra.
High-quality files, high-quality content.
And if you have a high-spec sound system, then Qobuz is clearly the best music service for you.

The buzz around Qobuz

  • “ Their streaming music service is the bomb ”
  • “ Qobuz, la qualité avant tout ”
    Le Huffington Post
  • “ Mit Ausnahme von Qobuz, die durch die Qualität hervorsticht,
    ähneln sich die Streaming-Dienste schon sehr ”
    HI-FI Digital Magazine
  • “ Qobuz : pour les perfectionnistes ”
    Micro Hebdo

Your Qobuz subscription travels with you
All over the world

Travel often? Your Qobuz subscription travels with you.
Wherever you are, you can stream and listen to your music.*

* Your provider may charge connection fees.