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Alternative & Indie - Released March 9, 2013 | Concord Records

Alternative & Indie - Released May 26, 2009 | Varese Sarabande

Country has always played a significant role in Tish Hinojosa's musical vocabulary, but usually contemporary folk and Latin influences have displayed a stronger influence in her recorded work. But Hinojosa has given her country side more room to move on her 2009 album, Our Little Planet. In the 1990s, Hinojosa spent some time writing for a Nashville publishing house and made some money on the side singing on publishing demos; Hinojosa has gone back to some of her Nashville songs for this set, and while the spare acoustic-based production and arrangements are a far cry from the slick Nash Vegas product that floods country radio these days, the gentle sway of classic country & western obviously informed the melodies of these songs, even on her Spanish-language duet with Carrie Rodriguez, "Mi Pueblo." Hinojosa's lyrics on these songs reflect the emotional warmth that's long been a cornerstone of her work, but her take on the everyday realities of life and love in tunes like "Tomorrow's Gonna Come," "What Our Hearts Can't Say," and "We Mostly Feel That Way" reveals more of a regular-folks tone than her compositions that dig deeper into life's mysteries, though she works just as capably in this framework. One thing that hasn't changed from Hinojosa's previous recordings is her lovely voice, and her hold on this material is graceful but sure, while the backing ensemble (anchored by producer and multi-instrumentalist Marvin Dykhuis and including some fine steel work from Greg Leisz) dovetails sweetly with her vocals. And though this set is far from hard country, Hinojosa more than holds her own on "Count Me In," a duet with honky tonk master Dale Watson. Hinojosa hasn't turned her back on her traditional style so much as she's adjusted the proportions on Our Little Planet, and the finished product is another deeply satisfying album from a truly gifted (and underappreciated) singer/songwriter. ~ Mark Deming

Folk - Released January 1, 2000 | Concord Records

This Texas born and raised songstress has done nothing but grow stronger, both in vision and her ability to express this understanding, by huge strides as the years have passed. She wrote, or co-wrote, all 12 of the songs on this disc. If you aren't familiar with her she sings in both English and Spanish, and her songs express both the duality and the oneness, as well as the peace and love she has found from being raised in both cultures on the border by a strong and loving family. There is something about her songs and manner that have always spoken strongly of a greater truth, and this is most clearly expressed here. Her longtime friend and accompanist Marvin Dykhuis is on all manner of guitars and stringed instruments, as well as an exceedingly solid group of exceptional musicians that echo the intensity of feelings being expressed very ably assist her. There are people such as Chip Dolan on keyboards, David Grissom on guitar, Lloyd Maines on pedal steel, and the wonderful accordion accents of Joel Guzman. This is a disc that speaks of love and growing, the puzzles in life, and somehow taps into the rhythm of the heart. It is a disc that brings comfort with it carried in her voice even when she speaks of love that has vanished. There is a sincerity here that is getting difficult to find. A disc from the heart, that is aptly named. ~ Bob Gottlieb

Folk - Released May 10, 1996 | Warner Bros.

Children - Released January 1, 1996 | Concord Records

Folk - Released May 20, 1994 | Reprise

Tish Hinojosa continues to move into the mainstream with Destiny's Gate without losing the magic of Culture Swing. With a beautiful voice reminiscent of Joan Baez and Emmylou Harris, she seems to have perfected her unique blend of Mexican folk and country music. "I Want to See You Again" stands out as one of her finest songs. ~ Chris Woodstra