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Hi-Res Booklet Distinctions 5 de Diapason - 4F de Télérama - 4 étoiles Classica

Symphonies - Released February 21, 2014 | deutsche harmonia mundi

Distinctions 4 étoiles Classica

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Classical - Released November 8, 2005 | Warner Classics International

Country - Released October 18, 2004 | deutsche harmonia mundi

Because Mozart's earliest symphonies are performed less often than the later masterpieces and are consequently underrepresented on disc, Nikolaus Harnoncourt's period performances with Concentus Musicus Wien may have an added value beyond sheer musical excellence. Much has been written about how these works are miraculous manifestations of the young Mozart's genius, and their consistently high quality obviates criticism for their few shortcomings. But these symphonies really do sound magical and even startling in Harnoncourt's vital renditions, and Concentus Musicus delivers them with boisterous enthusiasm and full bow, with absolutely no precious Rococo affectations. Brisk tempi, tight ensemble playing and the clear timbres of original instruments contribute to the authenticity of the performances, but these may count less than the gusto, humor, and freshness that the musicians display in each work. The woodwinds and horns are especially robust and earthy, and Harnoncourt draws out their distinctive colors and striking rhythms to contrast them more effectively with the strings. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi's sound is immaculate, without doubt the best the label can offer, and the acoustics of Kasino Zögernitz are ideal for balance and resonance. This double disc is highly recommended.

Symphonic Music - Released September 1, 2004 | deutsche harmonia mundi


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